Allen Stichler – Wood Carving

Bespoke Ornamental Wood Carvings & Tree Sculpture

    Mar 21

Back at the Beck

Week one of the first woodcarving course of the year at Mires Beck; in previous times we held up to three such courses at the venue in North Cave, but my workload restricted this last year. Things soon fell into place with the participants wasting no time in producing a mound of wood chips around their feet.

Jackie, returning to the course for the third time, with an owl in flight….

…and her dad Arthur, also creating an owl

Drew with his elephant carving

Another owl, this time created by Kerry

Debbie, back for her second workshop, this time tackling a Green Man

Paul making a good job of his kangaroo

Tony, on his fourth course, and working on a mouse climbing an ear of wheat.

Good stuff!

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