Allen Stichler – Wood Carving

Bespoke Ornamental Wood Carvings & Tree Sculpture

    Jul 21

Marvell College is Totemtastic!

This carving workshop was a slightly different prospect, as the children were in their teens and therefore a little more able than the Primary school pupils; it was no surprise then that the totem pole produced over the three days was an intricate, interesting and well carved piece of sculpture.

The pupils pooled their designs and, after input from the Head, a final decision was settled on ~ involving an open book, the school badge, references to the Hull fishing industry, rugby and the inter-school “Rock Challenge”, as well as a scattering of hearts and stars. The word PRIDE refers to “Pride Points” within the college, as well as being an acronym for various values.

The final result was very impressive and will hopefully grace the college grounds for many years to come.



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