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    Nov 22

Posts for Paull and Others Too

With the poor weather putting a stop to any outdoor work, I’ve been able to complete a couple of indoor jobs ~ such as three marker posts for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust site Paull Holme Strays, and a large anniversary oak post for a local couple.

  The design traced on to the 5ft oak post

The same process was repeated for the other species…

I like doing marker posts, with the challenge of fitting the design into a limited shape and size, keeping it relatively bold and simple (so there’s no fussy detail which would be lost to the predictable effects of weathering) and trying to make the carving interesting enough to catch the public’s eye. They’re heavy though….

….though not as heavy as the anniversary post, which at 8ft tall and 8″ square nearly killed me whenever I had to turn it over to work on the next side. Though just a simple lettering job, it looked quite striking with the wedding date carved in words with the lyrics of favourite songs down the left and right sides. Not many photos as yet, as I couldn’t get it in to a position to take any before it was delivered ~ but there’ll be some once it’s sited.



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