Allen Stichler – Wood Carving

Bespoke Ornamental Wood Carvings & Tree Sculpture

    Aug 06

Time for North Lincolnshire Museum

Children at Bushfield Road Infant School near the North Lincolnshire Museum, Scunthorpe, were handed the task of picking exhibits from the displays to be included on this sculpture; the idea being a time-line from the Jurassic Period, through the Stone, Iron and Bronze Ages to the Romans, Saxons and Vikings, on to the Medieval and then into the modern era. Twelve elements in all, and a nice beech tree stump to work on.

After the Scawby job and working on soft cedar, this hard beech was a bit of a shock to the system (and the elbow and wrist joints!), but I was quite satisfied with the first day’s work ~ roughing out the ammonite fossil from the Jurassic Period.



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