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Bespoke Ornamental Wood Carvings & Tree Sculpture

    Aug 18

Back in Harness

Back at the Museum this morning, and the first task was to do a bit of faffing with the Stone Age axe; as usual, my opinion on the day’s carving altered once I had got home and studied photos, so I made a few notes and sketches and made a mental note to deal with that first. Sometimes you can get too wrapped up in something and not be able to see what should be staring you in the face; photos seem to help as they filter all distractions away and leave the important part, warts and all. I’ve done lots of carvings that seemed to me to be top drawer on the day, only to have my illusions shattered when I studied photos ~ leaving me desperate to alter the carving soon as possible so I could sleep soundly again!

After my corrective work for half an hour or so I got back on to the harness mount. I had originally envisaged this taking me up til mid afternoon but there was more to the design once I studied pictures, and all done at an awkward height  near the bottom of the tree.


I’m a bit undecided about whether to start on the Roman helmet tomorrow or to do the background work on the Jurassic pieces….stay tuned!

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