Allen Stichler – Wood Carving

Bespoke Ornamental Wood Carvings & Tree Sculpture

    Sep 21

Oil Be Seeing You

It felt quite sad to be finishing this carving ~ I can’t think of another place I’ve worked where there has been such a constant stream of positive and enthusiastic comments from the visitors and passers-by; each day around 100 people (from infants to the elderly, most on their way to the museum, others making a special journey to see the sculpture) expressed their support and interest in the carving. It’s been a very humbling, and enjoyable job.

So, with all three coats of oil applied (and even the weather was supportive ~ a strong, warm wind helped each coat dry quickly and evenly), it’s goodbye to the North Lincolnshire Museum. I urge anyone who’s not been to make a visit and see for themselves what a brilliant collection there is ~ and all locally sourced.


Above – Before and after

With Bev Oliver of North Lincolnshire Museum; Bev started the whole project and worked with the pupils of Bushfield Rd Infants School to get their design ideas. Her enthusiasm and help was much appreciated ~ thanks, Bev!

Bev with her personal favourite ~ the Saxon shield boss.

So, all finished (except for a book recording the project ~ complete with a wooden, carved cover ~ coming in the near future); now for a few days of rest….then on to the next job:


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