Allen Stichler – Wood Carving

Bespoke Ornamental Wood Carvings & Tree Sculpture

    Oct 05

St Patrick’s Church, Patrington

After a short break away it was on to St Patrick’s Church at Patrington, and three nice ash stumps to work on.

The design, like the previous job at the North Lincolnshire Museum, was assisted by pupils from the local school ~ but instead of a time line, this time it was locally seen wildlife and a representation of St Patrick. The children mainly went for owls, squirrels and deer, so I put one on each of the stumps, with St Patrick on the side of the deer facing the church.


When I brought my designs to the tree, I realised the owl would work better reversed as it could be seen from the entrance path to the churchyard / church.




Since I’d changed the owl to face to the left, it balanced better if I also turned the squirrel round; I got quite a bit of the roughing out done and a bit of shaping too.



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