Wheelbarrows and a Dragon

Wheelbarrows and a Dragon

Despite the heavy rain on Sunday afternoon, we had a great time in the village; while hundreds of visitors flocked to see the decorated wheelbarrows and open gardens in Barrow upon Humber, dozens of children participated in this year’s carving ~ a dragon this time.

It was difficult to break off and take photos as a lot of the children required constant supervision, so I’ve only got the handful here ~ but the dragon looked great and was auctioned off for a very worthy cause (more on that later).

Here’s the dragon, complete with a few coats of oil

The finished dragon was donated to Colin and David to auction off to raise money for “Tilly’s Dream”; with this and other funds and donations they will purchase UK-made Safe Pod Travel Beds for children with epilepsy, autism and other complex needs ~ children like David and Colin’s daughter Tilly. Tilly has a special padded bed at home, but holidays have been a problem and they have all had to share a bed ~ leading to sleepless nights, worry and stress. This led to the founding of “Tilly’s Dream,” a family-run, non-profit making group; the idea being that parents and carers will loan the beds for use on holidays and respite. Holidays are meant to be about creating special memories, and this will now be possible for many more families who face these sort of problems.

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