A Game of Thrones (Episode 1)

A Game of Thrones (Episode 1)

The Northwood Fairy Trail near York has just opened, so I’m now able to post some pictures of the “Elven thrones” and carved oak panels I did a few months ago:

I enlisted the help of arborist Adam Forster (http://adamforster.net/index.html) to do the tricky chainsaw work, and he did a fantastic job. The task was to turn two large trunks of oak (one still upright in the ground, the other, from the same tree, laying where it fell) into something resembling thrones from a magical kingdom.

After clearing all the growth around the stump, Adam set to work; this was a thinner stem than the other, and as such didn’t have the girth for arm rests ~ so this was to be a high-backed simple “L-shaped” throne.

Both thrones were to be moved to a mound elsewhere on the site
The first cut
Ready for the sanding and carving
The first cuts on the second throne; this did have the necessary girth for armrests, making it trickier for Adam with his chainsaw

Complete with the armrests, just the carving to do!