It’s a Hoot at Sewerby

It’s a Hoot at Sewerby

Panel number six at Sewerby Hall features a barn owl and a quote by Albert Einstein: “Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.”

Now there’s a group of panels finished the area has more of a visual impact, with visitors drawn down the woodland walk; many have commented that the quotes and verses have a meditative effect, forcing the walker to slow down and think about the words and the surroundings. This was the aim, so it’s great to have such positive feedback.

The downside to working in this woodland is the light, or lack of it ~ a purchase of a battery powered light might be on the cards. This poor light also results in pretty bad photos too, perhaps not surprising with a mobile phone covered in dust, dirt, honing oil and so on!

Here are one or two anyway….

There’s a strip of a cork-like pith that runs down the middle of the heartwood on the monkey puzzle ~ sometimes I just work above and below it, but in this case I chipped it away and carved underneath it as the owl would’ve been too small anywhere else.
The trail beginning to take shape