Nearly But Not Quite

Nearly But Not Quite

The weather finally got the better of me at Sewerby Hall. I managed to dodge the showers and keep everything sheeted over until the last of the fourteen panels, but the constant wet weather and damp conditions beat me.

I finished off with a rabbit in it’s burrow to accompany the words by G. Snyder, “Nature is not a place to visit. It is home”

I hadn’t intended to go so deep behind the rabbit, but unusually for this monkey puzzle timber there was a patch of rot which forced the decision. I think it ended up improving it, despite the extra sweat it caused.

The next panel was one of the quickest to complete, being one of the thinner pieces with only a limited carving area . I went with a couple of butterflies (with them being so prevalent at Sewerby Hall), and a quote by William Morris: “Wherever nature works there will be beauty.”

The last panel remains unfinished and (hopefully) still sheeted over ~ it features a robin feeding her chicks, but the wood was just too wet to continue with it. The monkey puzzle was fluffing up and breaking off when I tried any amount of detail ~ it needs to dry out completely, hopefully by the time I get back in Spring.