A Whole New Meaning to “Hand Carving”

A Whole New Meaning to “Hand Carving”

This was really something different ~ a troll’s hand for the Northwood Fairy Trail, near York. Readers of previous posts will have seen previous my work for this attraction, such as fairy thrones, plaques ~ and most recently, dragon eggs, but a 5ft-plus gnarly hand was an interesting request!

I sourced a suitable piece of timber locally, a beautiful piece of sweet chestnut, which ticked all the boxes for durability, looks and workability. Unfortunately it didn’t tick any boxes for being easy to transport, so I had to work on it initially at the sawmill, where I hacked away using my very limited chainsaw skills.

Preliminary sketches for the Troll’s hand

Once I’d removed some of the bulk, I could think about transporting it home to continue working on it ~ albeit this time with hand tools.

Keeping the villagers amused