Art on the Greenway Workshops

Art on the Greenway Workshops

I was delighted to be asked to participate in the Art on the Greenway project ~ funded by the Isle of Axholme and Hatfield Chase Landscape Partnership, myself and several artists and sculptors are to produce pieces at certain points along the Greenway.

The brief for the project is best illustrated by this quote from IOAHCLP website (Art on the Greenway – IOAHC):

“There is a desire to engage with users to help them understand the historic use of this land, the resulting landscape and its current use as the greenway, corridors through the surrounding land for residents and wildlife.”

My take on this was to involve the community / local residents in creating several smaller carvings which would surround a larger carving by myself. As I wrote in my proposal:

“My objective would be for all the sculptures to tell different parts of a whole story, with the smaller pieces telling the ‘personal’ side of their unique cultural heritage and landscape ~ connecting, protecting and working in harmony with the large central carving representing the area as a whole.”

The participants who signed up for the project came up with some fantastic ideas, perfect for the brief and personal to each; with kind assistance from the IOAHCLP we had a perfect venue (thanks too to Belton All Saints Church for the use of the hall), and over three very enjoyable weekends the carvings were completed. Here are some photos of the sessions…