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   Nov 22

Posts for Paull and Others Too

With the poor weather putting a stop to any outdoor work, I’ve been able to complete a couple of indoor jobs ~ such as three marker posts for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust site Paull Holme Strays, and a large anniversary oak post for a local couple.

  The design traced on to the 5ft oak post

The same process was repeated for the other species…

I like doing marker posts, with the challenge of fitting the design into a limited shape and size, keeping it relatively bold and simple (so there’s no fussy detail which would be lost to the predictable effects of weathering) and trying to make the carving interesting enough to catch the public’s eye. They’re heavy though….

….though not as heavy as the anniversary post, which at 8ft tall and 8″ square nearly killed me whenever I had to turn it over to work on the next side. Though just a simple lettering job, it looked quite striking with the wedding date carved in words with the lyrics of favourite songs down the left and right sides. Not many photos as yet, as I couldn’t get it in to a position to take any before it was delivered ~ but there’ll be some once it’s sited.



   Nov 22

Michaelmas Fair


A successful weekend at Burton Agnes, despite the gales which threatened to lift the marquee off the ground; I’ve missed the previous year or two due to work-load, but after a quiet Saturday it really picked up on the Sunday to send me home in a positive frame of mind.

In the early years at this event I had a table full of small carvings which I’d managed to squeeze in between jobs, but the flow of work has increased since then and it’s the wood-cuts and lino-cut prints that make up the bulk of sales.

   Oct 23

Pickering Park Pictures

I was invited to the unveiling of the sculptures at Pickering Park, Hull recently ~ completed earlier in the year, they honour the philanthropist and trawler owner Christopher Pickering, and Hull’s fishing heritage. Labour MP Emma Hardy was present to cut the ribbon and officially mark the unveiling of the pieces in the sensory garden.

With Pat Tharratt of the Friends of Pickering Park, and Emma Hardy MP

There was a nice write-up in the Hull Daily Mail too :




   Jul 21

Bellfield Primary School is Totemtastic!

Well, after eleven weeks, eleven schools and eleven totem poles, the Totemtastic project has drawn to a close; with an average of five pupils every 15 minutes over 12 hours at each school, I’ve worked with over 2,500 children! I need a holiday! All the pupils have been great, and have proved that Primary School children can be trusted with sharp chisels and mallets; they have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and so have I.

So, Bellfield Primary School were last but not least ~ and they came up with a design based around the school logo and flowers, along with the popular image of shaking hands.




The young lady (above right) came up with the main idea of flowers and the school logo.


   Jul 21

Marvell College is Totemtastic!

This carving workshop was a slightly different prospect, as the children were in their teens and therefore a little more able than the Primary school pupils; it was no surprise then that the totem pole produced over the three days was an intricate, interesting and well carved piece of sculpture.

The pupils pooled their designs and, after input from the Head, a final decision was settled on ~ involving an open book, the school badge, references to the Hull fishing industry, rugby and the inter-school “Rock Challenge”, as well as a scattering of hearts and stars. The word PRIDE refers to “Pride Points” within the college, as well as being an acronym for various values.

The final result was very impressive and will hopefully grace the college grounds for many years to come.



   Jul 12

Wansbeck Primary School is Totemtastic!

Wansbeck Primary School decided on a compass taken from their logo, a pile of books (reflecting their focus on literacy) and mathematical symbols for their totem, and they made a great job of the carving:



Thank you to all the pupils who presented me with this fabulous card (and KitKat!)  at the end of our three days :



   Jul 06

Pearson Primary School is Totemtastic!

Pearson Primary School put a lot of effort into their designs ~ I was delighted to see a full wall display of all the pupils’ work when I arrived to take the bark off the log.

Photos of the wall display above; the finished design would include elements from several of those in the photo ~ a squirrel, a book, shaking hands and a tree.




Congratulations to all the pupils at Pearson Primary School, and a big thank you to all the staff for the coffee and assistance with the gazebo on those rainy days!


   Jul 06

Dorchester Primary School is Totemtastic!

Dorchester went for a design incorporating the bees from their school logo, along with an open book and shaking hands.

The dates on the book (1967-2017) refer to 50 years of Bransholme, Hull, where the school is situated.

   Jun 21

Wheeler Primary School is Totemtastic!

After all the torrential rain interspersed with sweltering heat, it was a real bonus to see a ready-made shelter at Wheeler Primary School!

I was presented with a selection of brilliant designs, complete with the reasons for choosing the various elements written on the back:

Once again, unsurprising given Hull’s fishing heritage, a fish featured in the design; a wheel was chosen in reference to the school’s name (which apparently stemmed from a wheelwright being based nearby), and a simple plaque at the bottom with the date of the school’s founding finished it off.



…and a small squirrel on the side, a special request!

   Jun 20

Back at Beverley

How time flies ~ another year gone and we all meet again in the middle of Beverley Racecourse for the Folk Festival, it’s like Brigadoon!

As always it was wonderful to see friends both old and new, and everyone tolerated my constant whinging about the excessive heat most politely!

The three days went by in a blink, and with more than a tinge of sadness we packed away our remaining wares and headed off for another year. Thanks to everyone who bought anything, and thanks too to those who didn’t but had the time for a chat. See you next time!