Recent Customer Comments:

“Just to let you know that the [carving] was greeted with sheer delight by the recipient and by the vicar. Everyone else thought it was great, and I’ve been asked for your details. The general feeling is that you got it exactly right, I knew you would!”



“When I approached Al to do something with the three trunks at the end of my garden, I fired a few ideas at him and thought no more about it…… all I can say is that I am stunned by the beauty and sensitivity of the carvings and how they interpret my vague thoughts

It’s a sheer joy just looking at them, and I want to stroke that beautiful elephant, he’s so life like!  I can’t stop showing off pictures to friends and family, and they are all bowled over by what they see.

I can’t thank you enough Al, you have made me very happy and given me a lasting testament to my home and family”



“Oh Allen, it’s beautiful!  All I could have hoped for and more, thank you so much.

I had no idea what to expect it would be like, but I am glad I left the design to you, I can see so much in it which symbolises what our church is.  We are a strange body which parent denominations don’t understand – how can Anglicans and Methodists work together , but we do it extremely well. The minister who is to have the plaque says we are unique in our goodwill, no petty squabbling or power struggles, and he wanted something to reflect this, and you have captured it perfectly.”



“After designing and having our home built we wanted a home sign that was special. It took us nearly 2 years to find Al, a craftsman who surpassed our expectations. From the 1st time we spoke to Al he gave us confidence in him. Even though we only live a short distance from Al we didn’t meet him until we collected our home sign, it’s the Brushwood sign with Laurel & Hardy including the trail to the lonesome Pine, carved in it. Al was honest regarding when he would be able to work on our piece, not promising a couple of weeks then as so many people do,letting you down. We emailed him a few ideas. Between Al and ourselves a design was created and emailed to us. As soon as it was completed Al contacted us. When we arrived we were greeted by Al and Nettie, 2 of the most genuine people you could wish to meet but not only that, we were greeted by a piece of art because when Al unveiled our home sign we were absolutely gobsmacked. We would recommend Al to anyone as he is not only a great wood carver but a craftsman and artist, honest, reliable and above all a bloody nice chap. We couldn’t be happier.”



“Thank you for making the design process both fun and engaging, and for bringing our vision to life! The end product exceeded my expectations and I definitely got the reaction I was looking for, a truly wonderful piece of work!”



“Hi Al

I just want to thank you for the absolutely fabulous carving you have recently done for us – it looks amazing. We’ve had lots of comments and interest from passers-by and it has become something of a talking piece!

As you know, we were slightly daunted by the whole design process but with a lot of patience and listening you got the design spot on. The workmanship is second to none and you made the whole process both easy and enjoyable. We all thoroughly enjoyed watching the creation ‘come to life’.

You engaged the children throughout every stage and made the end piece very much part of them – something we were really keen to capture. You’ve given us something very personal and special but something that we feel we can share for years to come. So thank you! We are now planning further commissions.”



Hello Allen,

I was a guest at Gray’s Court, York, in September and watched with great interest as you were carving characters from The Midsummer Night’s Dream on the tree at the end of the garden.  I have today accessed pictures of your finished carving on line and I just wanted to email you to send my congratulations on such a delightful finished work.  I hope nature will let it remain there for many years to come.

All good wishes for many more successes!

~ Penelope, Surrey


Hi Allen,

Having a piece of Oak left over from a project left me wondering what to do with a fairly uninspiring piece of wood. Although I knew it had potential to be brought to life I never appreciated just how special it would be. We love it and will treasure it forever. Thank you.

~ Jonathan, North Yorkshire


As soon as we were told the tree had to be cut down I thought it would be amazing to have one of his sculptures. The sculpture really fits in.

I absolutely love it and his carvings are always really beautiful and traditional.

~ Sam Snowden, Head Gardener, Grays Court Hotel, York